Synthetic Browser Testing

Ever had an issue onsite that went unnoticed for hours, perhaps days before being reported by your team or worse, your customers?

Using synthetic browser testing, we prevent this from being a concern or costly issue for you and those you serve.

What we do is create tests that mimic real user behavior on the storefront. Common ecommerce use cases include logging in as a customer, adding products to the shopping cart, testing checkout steps, custom site experiences and workflows.

These tests are commonly executed several times per to day but can be ran as frequently as necessary based on your needs. This is very flexible as each test can have its own unique testing schedule.

We also set up a shared status dashboard that allows you to see status at all times for each of the synthetic tests.


Additionally, we configure alerts based on failed tests that will send email notifications based on retry limit being reached that will notify us real humans to take necessary action when tests are failing.

We can also test applications that require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), including 2FA or TFA or Time-based One Time Passwords (TOTP). Capabilities for monitoring, event testing extent to mobile applications, serverless, various email based events, infrastructure monitoring, metric gathering and reporting as well.

Please reach out to learn more about what all our capabilities are and how we can deliver you the peace of mind you need and the best experience possible for those you serve!

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